933 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19107 
Full service

As the only restaurant that serves Shanghai cuisine in the area, Red King’s Asian Restaurant is sure to attract the gastronomes’ attention. Since opening in 2010, it has become one of the favorite dining destinations in town. 

Americanized Chinese food, authentic Szechuan and Shanghai cuisine as well as exotic Thai food are to be found on the encyclopedia-like menu of Red King’s. Strongly recommended dishes include Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce, Shanghai Xiaolongbao, and Stewed Meat Ball in Brown Sauce. These dishes show the panache from the kitchen.

The menu is updated every four to five months, so as to bring new creations to the customers. The best sellers are retained, and the less favorable menu items are replaced by new innovations.

Each year, owner Mr. Wu takes culinary trips to Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, to discover local delicacies and also inspire himself. Once back home, he will create innovative dishes to please local patrons.

With over a decade of culinary experience, Mr. Wu knows well about how to run a successful restaurant. He attributes the success of Red King’s to several elements: tasty food, attentive service and comfy ambience. As for the future, Mr. Wu will bend over backwards to offer wonderful dining experience for his customers.